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Re: lwall

Your Usenet test article was received here at the news gateway machine for
the National Institute of Environmental Health Sciences, in Research Triangle
Park, North Carolina, USA 35 47 N by 78 38 W.  The NIEHS newsadmins can 
be reached via e-mail at [email protected]
Please note that we do not offer news access to sites outside of our 

If you're a newsadmin and you'd like to run your own autoresponder, this one
is available from ftp://ftp.cccd.edu/pub/usenet/innautorespond.

If you want to suppress this message in the future, include the word "ignore" 
in the Subject: header of any subsequent articles posted to *.test.  You could
also post your test articles with a Distribution: header of "local" to prevent
them from leaving your local machine, or you could also ask your local 
newsadmin to create a local *.test group that will not propagate outside of 
your organization.

Path: jeeves.niehs.nih.gov!darwin.sura.net!news.udel.edu!udel!news.mathworks.com!zombie.ncsc.mil!news.duke.edu!godot.cc.duq.edu!hudson.lm.com!news.pop.psu.edu!news.cac.psu.edu!howland.reston.ans.net!agate!overload.lbl.gov!emf.emf.net!hilbert.dnai.com!nbn!miwok!news.zeitgeist.net!ack.berkeley.edu!not-for-mail
Subject: lwall
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
NNTP-Posting-Host: ack.berkeley.edu
Organization: cypherpunks
Lines: 2
From: [email protected]
Distribution: world
Newsgroups: alt.test
Date: 6 Feb 1995 19:34:19 GMT