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Re: Judges-L FAQ

At 12:43 2/8/95, Craig A. Johnston wrote:
> >I must inform you that this FAQ is copyrighted material, and
> >you are requested not to distribute it.
On Wed, 8 Feb 1995, Michael Sattler wrote:
> What good is a FAQ if you can't distribute it.  The judges are confused in
> more ways than one.

I am entirely sympathetic to the judges, but obviously we need
to keep an eye on them.

Their attempt to restrict circulation of their FAQ fails to
inspire confidence.  It is supiciously reminiscent of 
what the Church of Scientology is up to.

But I repeat, I think that the judges list is necessary
and desirable, so long as they remember they are self
appointed and do not start to imagine that they are
the "official" judges.

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