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NSO Challenge 95 Nr. 1

Network Security Observations
Challenge Nr. 1995-001
February 8, 1995

Network Security Observations
invites the international research
community to produce a detailed
presentation on the following subject:

> Establishment, authentication, and
verification of a relationship and
untraceability of undeniable secret
transactions <

- Party A (Alice)
- Party B-n (Bob)
- A multitude of Bobs know who Alice is
- Alice - being only one party - does not
personally know who the Bobs are
- It is the desire of Alice to transact
- Bob - only producing a certain proof -
remains further a static party
- At one given time Alice established a
relationship with Bob-n
- Further, from time to time Alice wants
to check this relationship with Bob-n
- Alice may utilize the verification
process only for this purpose
- At a given point Alice might want to
terminate her relationship with Bob-n, or
vice versa

- It is essential that the relationship
between Alice and Bob-n is set up so that
Bob can prove to Alice that he is the
legitimate Bob, but, in such a way that
his real identity remains secret for Alice
- Alice can only use this procedure to
verify Bobs legitimacy
- Alice may only verify, but not register
- Alice may have the option to repeatedly
challenge Bob s legitimacy, but the
conditions under which these separate
verification checks take place may not be
registered as well
- Alice now wants that Bob can undeniably
prove to her that he is who he says he is,
by untraceable number verification, thus
without actually knowing the real identity
of Bob, and without the ability to utilize
the verification process for any other

The presentation should include the full
theoretical processes, applying known
cryptographic algorithms, the theories of
undeniable untraceable number verification
and secret transactions as developed by
Dr. David Chaum (see proceedings Crypto,
Eurocrypt, etc.), and envision a practical
applicability in a real world environment.

The presentations will be judged by a team
of seven international experts of senior
academic/research level.

The best presentation will receive
international acclaim (including, but not
limited to TV)  and a (secret)
financial reward of substance.

It is essential to register, (name,
surface mail address information,
affiliation, email address, p-pgp key
(optional)). One should do so by sending
an email message with this information to:
[email protected]

Upon registration a notification and
detailed instructions will be mailed to
the individual who registers by surface

There is no limitation as to origin,
nationality, position, or seniority of the

The presentation may be made by more than
one researcher, but a lead-researcher must
be registered. Co-researchers will share
equally in the benefits, allowing for one
extra share for the lead-researcher. 

There is no set maximum number of pages for
the presentation, though an extended abstract 
must be at least 15 pages, while the full paper
must be at least 25 pages in length.

The lead-researcher and at least two co-
researchers (if any) must be prepared to
present the efforts in person during an
international conference.

Commercial entities/companies may not participate.
Employees of commercial entities/companies may
participate individually, but must testify that their
employer shall have no benefit of their efforts.

To allow for proper preparation the
deadlines are as follows:

1. registration with NSO: ends on March 1,
2. proposed presentations (extended
abstracts) should be received by NSO on or
before August 31, 1995.
3. final presentations must be received by
NSO on or before November 30, 1995.

The presentation selection/review process
takes place in three rounds:
- first selection of the extended
- correction selection of first round
- final selection of remaining passed

More details will be available in the next
issue of Internet Security Monthly and the
next supplement of Network Security

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