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Best encryption device driver for MS-DOS?

Being in the consulting business, I often write prototype software for
clients in Visual Basic as proof-of-concept and also to make sure I
understand the client's needs before I accept a project.  On occasion,
I have to leave my laptop unattended on someone's desk while I go into
meetings with senior management and try to convince them that I know what
I'm talking about and that I'm worth whatever (exorbitant to them) I'm
asking to do their application for them.  I also do volunteer programming
for several volunteer organizations, and it's the same situation - unattended
laptop while I wander off and chat with management to tell them why it
will take so long to do the impossible. ;)

As you might imagine, I have a full suite of programming tools on the laptop,
including MS Office Pro and VB Pro, both of which are worth about $500
apiece - I'd sure hate to lose them to a malicious cracker, or someone who
would like a personal copy of my source code for their own use, or who just
wants to "borrow" my secret key for awhile.

What do people recommend as the solution for this?  Some sort of IDEA-based
or triple-DES-based device driver would seem to be the answer to this, but
I'm not sure which is the "best" (most reliable, fastest, easiest to set up)
one to use.  I like the sound of Michael Sattler's encryption driver for the
Mac, but alas, I'm running MS-DOS :(

Also, if anyone has any suggestions for a similar driver for Linux, I'd
appreciate it - thanks!
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