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Re: Best encryption device driver for MS-DOS?

> You leave your laptop turned on and out of your immediate reach? Geesh.
> I would NEVER leave my laptop anywhere that I didn't have it in eyeshot. It
> was the whole reason I got one.

Well, it's rather tacky to turn off the laptop, unplug it, etc., just to
lug it into a boardroom.  Not impressive.

> > As you might imagine, I have a full suite of programming tools on the laptop,
> > including MS Office Pro and VB Pro, both of which are worth about $500
> > apiece - I'd sure hate to lose them to a malicious cracker, or someone who
> > would like a personal copy of my source code for their own use, or who just
> > wants to "borrow" my secret key for awhile.
> >
> Business must be good, you are more worried about somebody stealing a $500
> dollar program than a several thousand dollar laptop?

Oh, I'm not worried about the laptop walking off, I'm worried about the
software I've written walking off...

> > What do people recommend as the solution for this?  Some sort of IDEA-based
> > or triple-DES-based device driver would seem to be the answer to this, but
> > I'm not sure which is the "best" (most reliable, fastest, easiest to set up)
> > one to use.  I like the sound of Michael Sattler's encryption driver for the
> > Mac, but alas, I'm running MS-DOS :(
> > 
> Try Lo-Jak so that when your laptop goes a wanderin' you can find it....:)

I've never had anyone even attempt to rip off the laptop, but I've had people
ask for "free samples" of the prototype code...
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