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Re: S/MIME outside the US?

Bill Stewart wrote:
> At 10:49 PM 2/24/96 -0500, Lewis  wrote:
> I'm assuming from volley's address that he or she is in Sweden,
> and thus not directly limited by US export laws.  Write what you want,
> and post it somewhere outside the US; we can import it legally.
> As a non-American, you probably couldn't get US export permission for
> even 40-bit RC4, and maybe not even for rot13.

	Lurk Mode Off.......
	I don't suppose there's anyone out there who may be 
	interested in working with an non-american InfoSec
	integrator in integrating encryption with email
	/messaging and other applications? 

	I assume that there is a legal difference between 
	"working with" and "developing for" AFA ITAR is 

	Thanks........Lurk Mode On.......