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question re. PGP CharSet

Apparently, the mechanism for overriding PGP configuration settings by
means of command-line arguments  does not work properly with the
option "charset" (at least with version 2.6.1i). Anyone know why?
Actually, PGP does understand the option "+charset", as it does not
yield an "invalid argument" error message, but it looks like it does
not take that option into consideration.

While I know most people need not switch from one charset to another
every day, some of them (like me) do not have completely migrated to
Windows yet and would still like to use the MS-DOS standard charset
(cp850) from time to time without having to re-edit or substituting
the PGP config file each time. But I guess it's not possible, is it?



PS: [off-topic] Anybody know how one can have the MS-DOS keyboard
driver use the standard Windows char table (LATIN1 aka iso-8859-1)?

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msg date/time: Friday 8 March 1996, 12:38 GMT+1