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questions/info on premail

To all.

Is there anyone out there that has incorporated premail
into another script?  Like a mail script or cgi script.
I'm trying to expand the idea of integrating anon-mailers
into web pages for more ease of use.  If anyone has
directly linked premail to a page, please let me know.  I
am having some problems calling it from a script and I 
thought someone might have solved this problem already.

I wrote to Raph about this, but as you might know, his page
states that he got married on Aug 5, so I don't expect the
speediest of replies :)

Michael Hobbs
[email protected]
[email protected]

As to the cpremailer page that I posted here last week;
-I have removed the hardwired remailer and now allow
simple of choosing of remailers.  I also think I have the
news instructions up to date.