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Re: Crypto = Competitive Advantage?

At 11:30 PM 8/10/95, sameer wrote:
>> It seems that anything involving the Internet, the Web, and digital
>> commerce is really, really hot.
>        The fire that burns twice as hot burns half as long. It may be
>a cliche but it is quite applicable here I think.

Indeed. Who now recalls Jaron Lanier's virtual reality company?

(In retrospect, Jaron's error was in not finding a way to take VPL public.
VPL was the Netscape of 1990. But will Netscape be the VPL of 1992?)

Let the record show that I was not one of the tens of thousands of people
calling their brokers trying to get in on the Netscape IPO. (Though getting
in at the IPO price and selling out the same day was obviously lucrative
for a lot of folks.)

--Tim May

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