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Re: Keys for ssl search

>0c2b-cf7a NOACK 0c2b 50000 Joe Thomas <[email protected]>
>You have allocated over 3/4 of the total search space.
>I think that you accidently "bit off more than you can chew"
>The count is 2^24 keys per keyspace.
>Please return the extra keys and select a reasonable number (like 1 or 2)
>unless you have a superfast cluster of Crays.

(Noted by several others, too)

Sorry about this!  The Windows NT client asked "how many keys" I wanted to
check, not how many key segments.  50,000 sounded like a few seconds' work
on my P120.  I've attempted to return the keys using the "reject" button
(again on the Win32 client), but I don't think it took.  If anyone can tell
me what the quickest way to return these keys is, I'd really appreciate it.

Sorry, all,
Joe Thomas