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SSL trouble

Will French <[email protected]> writes:
>   Well, if someone starts talking real money, I might change my
> tune.

We are talking real money, the guy who hit the key will shortly be
getting c$ 442.30 (DigiCash c$), the amount of c$ donated for the 2nd
challenge on this page:


Now collecting donations for the 3rd challenge which I guess Piete
will be hoping to do in the next few weeks, after a few software
improvements have been made.

You can buy US$ with these on the unofficial digicash exchange:


The current exchange rate is around 100 c$ = 5 US$, so that's ~22 US$,
not a huge prize, but all it needs is more donors to get a bigger
prize fund, if you want to join in to make the prize fund bigger, sign
up for the digicash trial (you get 100 c$ free):


and buy some c$ on the unofficial exchange.