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Re: Florida Drivers Permits

White Adept wrote:
> On Sat, 26 Aug 1995, Q Mixmaster Remailer wrote:

> > [email protected] ((me)) wrote:

> > > California has both the digitized picture and the mag stripe, and
> > > they even get a digital copy of your thumbprint.  Hello, Brave New

> > > World.
> > I wonder what, if anything, you could be charged with if that
> > magnetic strip "accidentally" came too close to a degausser?

> Why bother to degauss it--why not just let it "rest" too long on those 
> demagnetizing pads they use at department stores and libraries to 
> demagnetize the security strips?

Better would be to figure out the encoding scheme and post it here.
Anonymously to be sure