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Re: SSL trouble

> >PS3: I'd like to get the raw date in brloop (a sh script). In perl I'd just
> >     use "time", and I can't see a way to get "date +" to yield the raw time.
> >     I could use "date=`perl -e 'print time'`" but that seems OTT, and perl
> >     may not be on teh users PATH. Any suggestions ?
> "date '+%s'" does it under BSDI, but I'm not sure how portable it is.

That doesn't work under SunOS 4.1.x, but this does:

   date "+%S %M 60 * + %H 3600 * + %j 86400 * + %y 31536000 * + p" | dc

This assumes 365 days/year, so if you jump from a leap year to a non-leap
year it won't work right.  Hey - a 1/1460 failure rate is better
than most Windoze programs I've used ;-)

It also isn't the "absolute" time, (as given by time()), but
gives a number of seconds that constantly increases.
With a little more work you should be able to adjust this to be close
to time() functionality.

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