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Re: Direct Socket to Remailer?

At 7:25 PM 9/1/95, ROBO Mixmaster Remailer wrote:
>I've heard of telnetting to port 25 to send SEMI-untraceable e-mail.
>The procedure, quite frankly, sounds rather complicated.
>Most of my mail that I don't want traced goes through the Mixmaster
>remailer network.  I'm using Winsock-compatible software via a PPP
>connection.  Is it possible, for example, to tell my mailer software
>to use the remailer itself, such as "remail.obscura.com" as the mail
>host, rather than "mail.myISP.com"?  Will it work, at least for
>sending, without having an account at "obscura.com", or whatever
>remailer?  Would that be less traceable than sending it through my
>ISP's mail host?

I don't think it would provide much more security, but it might keep you
ISP from logging the mail. If you are using [email protected] as
your remailer, you are welcome to use it as the mail host for that mail.
It is a slow connection so please do not use is as your regular mail host.

You should try the telnet port 25 trick. It is amazingly simple (but not
secure). Just "telnet some.machine.com 25" and type help. It will guide you
through it. It is quite informative.


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