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Re: Direct Socket to Remailer?

> At 7:25 PM 9/1/95, ROBO Mixmaster Remailer wrote:
> >I've heard of telnetting to port 25 to send SEMI-untraceable e-mail.
> >The procedure, quite frankly, sounds rather complicated.
> >
> You should try the telnet port 25 trick. It is amazingly simple (but not
> secure). Just "telnet some.machine.com 25" and type help. It will guide you
> through it. It is quite informative.
>         -Lance

Before you do it, make sure your ISP doesn't mind you telneting to port 25.
VCU's computer dept. doesn't take to kindly to it.  They're worried about 
people sending forged e-mail.  (I was tempted to tell the guy when I got 
caught doing it that they should put a copy of PGP online for folks to use.
But I just wanted my account re-instated.)