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Re: Cyphernomicon, and a section on Escrow and Reputations

At 9:13 AM 9/2/95, Dar Scott wrote:

>After several tries I was not able to get this.  Has anyone made it
>available in an alternate location?
>(list newbie)
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Help me out here, Dar...

You list a Web site in your sig, so presumably you have the right tools to
browse the Web. And I listed two Web sites that have the Cyphernomicon.

What am I missing?

Browsing the Web versions, especially the HTMLized version by Rochkind at
http://www.oberlin.edu/~brchkind/cyphernomicon/  is a much better way to
read it than by downloading the text version.

Nevertheless, if someone wants to copy the CP-FAQ file to their ftp site, I
have no real objections at this time.

--Tim May

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