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Re: PGPfone over Appletalk

From: "Rev. Mark Grant" <[email protected]>
> Can someone tell me how to run PGPfone over Appletalk ? The
> documentation says that support has been added for this release, and
> there's a preferences box to check to use it, but there's no information
> I can find in the documentation on how to initiate a call over
> Appletalk.. it just says to enter a telephone number to dial. If I 
> press 'Connect' without entering anything it hangs up the Mac.
> How do I tell it which machine I want to connect to ? 

I changed the preferences box setting, but then I exited and restarted
the program so that it came up in "appletalk" mode.  This is probably
the step you are missing.  I did this on two different machines, and
then when I clicked connect it no longer tried to open the modem,
instead it put up a dialog box allowing me to click on the machine
running the other PGPfone.  I did that and it connected OK.  There is a
nice audio simulation of an old-fashioned telephone bell ringing.

Unfortunately my appletalk "network" consists solely of my power mac
and an old 68030 mac laptop, the latter apparently being underpowered for
PGPfone.  The voice quality changed occasionally as the software
adaptively tried different coders, and the powermac instance of the
program finally printed a message saying that the list of coders had
been exhausted.