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Re: MIT distributing PGPfone -Reply

>PGPfone was out of the U.S. less than 3 hours after first appearing
>publically at the MIT site.
>As I noted in a previous message, MIT takes various steps to ostensibly
>protect against export, but there is clearly no practical means of stopping
>export once the software has been received by someone.
>I got my copy of PGPfone 16 hours after its public release, via an
>anonymous person who posted it on the Cypherpunks list through an anonymous
>remailer. Of course that list is distributed to more than 20 foreign
>countries, so "export" happened that way, as well as by other means.
>--Tim May

As tim May's .sig should say: "National borders are not even
speed bumps on the information highway."

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