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On Fri, 1 Sep 1995, Timothy C. May wrote:

> At 10:56 PM 9/1/95, Buford Terrell wrote:
> >If you've ever watched Not_at_all_Funny Home Videos or any of the
> >American Urinal school of tabloid television, you soon start feeling
> >that the real threat to privacy is not the guvmint, but all of
> >the yoyos with their little cam corders running around pointing them
> >at people.
> >
> >Security cameras in ATMS and at airline ticket counters do more
> >to threaten you privacy than do FIBBIE wiretaps, and PGP won't
> >protect you from them. (and usually neither will the courts).
> I absolutely agree with this, though this doesn't mean I'll stop worrying
> about the government's plans for key escrow (GAK), about limits on key
> lengths, or about other efforts to thwart strong security.

I, of course, know of the "dislike" of GAK here.  I am curious to know, 
however, if the "dislike" is because government would have access under 
any circumstances or if the primary worry is that government will cheat 
and get access when most would agree that they shouldn't (either by the 
judge "cheating" or a TLA stealing it).

In other words ... if it took agreement by a review board composed of 
non-LEA members of this list, would the escrow be acceptable??