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Brian Davis writes:
 > I, of course, know of the "dislike" of GAK here.  I am curious to know, 
 > however, if the "dislike" is because government would have access under 
 > any circumstances or if the primary worry is that government will cheat 
 > and get access when most would agree that they shouldn't (either by the 
 > judge "cheating" or a TLA stealing it).

     Since you're sure to get a number of long responses to this
question, I'll keep mine short.

     I don't want to give anyone my keys.  I do not harm anyone by
refusing to do so.  Therefore, anyone using force to take my keys is
acting immorally.*

 > In other words ... if it took agreement by a review board composed of 
 > non-LEA members of this list, would the escrow be acceptable??

     No.  I don't choose to give Louis Freeh my keys.  I don't choose
to give Brian Davis my keys.  I don't choose to give Tim May my keys.
Any use of force to compel me to yield my keys is unacceptable.


Patrick May

* Insert standard Objectivist and Libertarian arguments regarding
  morality, government, and force here.