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Re: The Dangers of Caribbean Data Havens

On Mon, 4 Sep 1995, Timothy C. May wrote:

> >From Bruce Sterling in "Islands in the Net" to various reports of data
> havens and Internet services being set up by actual people, there has been
> much speculation about using Caribbean islands for data havens.
> But the infrastructure has been lacking. Low-bandwidth inter-island links.
> Personally, I think a distributed system based on crypto is a more robust
> approach, the "Libertaria in Cyberspace" view I've talked about.

For legal purposes, perhaps, set up shop on the Islands.

Then have a site somewhere else -- backup of your corporate system, 
nothing more.  And, of course, a net connection -- all for redundancy's sake.

If your Euro/American site is merely a mirror of a legal site in another 
country, and you're the same organization, would it be legal?

Hmmmm... this all still needs work...
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