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Re: SSLRef (SSLtelnet)

	To get a certificate, you need to talk to Verisign, and give
them a business plan, a key, and 270 bucks per year to get your key

	Verisign is a spin off of RSA.

| The stumbling block is that Netscape won't connect to even the local
| proxy unless it sees a valid certificate, one signed by a CA that it
| accepts.  For this application I would need such a certificate, and make
| the corresponding public and private keys public, hard-coding them into
| the proxy.  Since the proxy runs on the same PC as the browser there is
| no need for confidentiality between them, and the secret key can be
| revealed.
| Does anyone have an idea for a way to acquire a certificate acceptable to
| Netscape, perhaps one with a "broken key", that could be used for this
| purpose?
| Hal

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