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                          SANDY SANDFORT
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This is not a crypto post, but those interested in threat models 
and counter-measures might want to read on.

I just looked at the October issue of Soldier of Fortune.  In an
article entitled "SOF Exposes ATF's Warbirds" the author tells
about the 7 to 12 attack aircraft that the BATF has purchased.

Of course, it's interesting to hear how and why this agency
decided it needed an airforce to pursue its mission, but the real
story for me was how SOF busted them.

SOF had heard rumors about a covert operation on the part of the
BATF to procure these aircraft.  They did their own surveillence
of the BATF's phony cover corporation.  This included dumpster
diving.  What they came up with was unbelievable.  It included
agents home addresses, the names of family members, official BATF
stationery, the works.

If you want to read a fascinating tale of BATF incompetence and
duplicity, check this one out.

 S a n d y