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Re: Forgery, bills, and the Four Horsemen (Articles and Comment)


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[email protected] (Hal) wrote:

>P.S. Without seeing the technical specs it is hard to describe in detail,
>but generally Chaumian ecash allows fully anonymous coerced transfers.
>The payee/coercer supplies the blinded coins and forces the payor to use
>them to make withdrawals from his account.  The resulting signed
>tokens are passed to the coercer who unblinds them and now has fully
>anonymous, untraceable cash tokens which he can spend.

Assuming it can be done (I am checking), he would also have a large
balance on his non-anoymous Ecash account that he would have a very hard
time explaining to the IRS, FINsomething [sorry, forgot the name], and
other interested and certainly to be involved parties. Cyberspace is much
closer connected to the real world as many people on this list, myself
included, would like to think it is.

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