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Re: Scientology and police visit XS4ALL Amsterdam

At 23:09 9/5/95, announce wrote:
>    Police and members of Scientology church enter offices of XS4ALL
>    ================================================================

I am wondering about the legalities of booby trapped computer equipment.
Would it be legal if a clear warning to the fact was posted on the

Interesting side note: a few months ago, several hundred 5 gallon
containers of insecticide were stolen from the lot of an agricultural
supply dealer here in California.  The incident made a small note in the SF
Chronicle. It was mentioned that the FBI is taking part in the

What wasn't mentioned was that this insecticide is an ideal precursor to
various forms of neuro toxins, namely Tabun and Soman, two types of nerve
gas so vicious and toxic that even Hitler refused to approve their use. I
predict that eventful times are just around the corner.

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