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Re: Emergency File Wipe Algorithim

At 15:47 9/5/95, Sameer R Manek wrote:
>> May I also point out that the rules of economics do not apply to the
>> federal government, since it insitsts - quite successfully - on having a
>> monopoly on using lethal force to extract arbitrarily large amounts from
>> hundreds of millions of working Americans?
>How do you figure the above? You only get to go to jail if you don't
>pay taxes...then you can't pick up the soap.

If aren't willing to pay your taxes, which by the way are nothing but
forced labor for a large part of the year, it is unlikely that you are
willing to spend the same or more forced time maufactoring license plates.
If your resist that kidnapping and introduction into a slave labor camp
that follows a "conviction" for not paying your taxes you will be forced to
comply. If you then resist that force you will be killed.

Chisel it in granite: the ultimate threat by which any government compels
compliance is _always_ lethal force.

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