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Re: NSA says Joe Sixpack won't buy crypto

  Black Unicorn <[email protected]>  writes:
> On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Jeff Simmons wrote:
>>   So what form of GAK or trap-doorodoes lotus notes contain?
> No, it's just been so weak before the current implementation of RC4 (and
> note the export version still has 40 bits) that it might as well be
> nothing.

Uni is right. Notes used RSA, which starts out fine. but it has
nothing  like PGP's passphrase to protect the private key. You can
simply copy the "username.ID" file, and you can sign and encrypt
messages with "username"'s nym.

Of course, Corporate america loves Notes, which is why IBM bought it.

Weak encryption for weak minds.


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