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Lotus Notes vs. the Web and the Net

At 2:23 AM 9/6/95, Pat Farrell wrote:

>Of course, Corporate america loves Notes, which is why IBM bought it.
>Weak encryption for weak minds.

It may also signal that Lotus Notes has peaked, as IBM has a knack for
"buying at the top."

Interestingly, the current issue of "Wired" (morphed Aryanized OJ) says
that Lotus Notes is tired, and Web-based groupware is wired.

On this one I agree...and I've said this here on this list. Local groups,
such as university departments, corporate departments, even entire
corporations, can use the Web/Net in ways similar to what Lotus Notes
provides (using their own LANs, or even the Internet, with suitable
security steps).

Granted, Lotus Notes currently has more stuff oriented towards groupware
(from what I've been reading for several years, as I'm not a user), but I'd
expect a huge amount of work on Netscape and similar browsers, and other
Net systems,  will make the Web/Net a more common groupware platform.

I don't know this is so, but this is where I'd bet money. No way would I
pay $3 billion for Lotus Notes!

--Tim May

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