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Re: Lotus Notes vs. the Web and the Net

At 11:29 PM 9/5/95, Timothy C. May wrote:
>On this one I agree...and I've said this here on this list. Local groups,
>such as university departments, corporate departments, even entire
>corporations, can use the Web/Net in ways similar to what Lotus Notes
>provides (using their own LANs, or even the Internet, with suitable
>security steps).

My favorite financial application for small multinationals (one of my
clients is a haircutter with 50 salons and 4 schools worldwide) is nightly
remittances to the home office in e$, especially in cash.

The consequences for the banking and tax systems are obvious. But it's
possible to imagine interesting changes in the foriegn exchange markets as
well ...

Bob Hettinga

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