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Re: Searchable Crypto Paper Archive?

At 4:45 PM 9/6/95, David J. Bianco wrote:

>S'ok with me.  It's not like I'm dead set on doing this or anything.  It's
>just an observation, and an offer of service if anyone thinks it'd be
>Oh, BTW, another thing I probably should mention that seems obvious to me:
> I'm offering to do this for free.  That is, the database would be a public
>service, with no charge to list papers, add another database to the
>searching list or to query/retrieve abstracts.

I'll look forward to seeing this, then.

I was just noting some issues which seem likely to arise.

But if you plan to do this  "if anyone thinks it's be useful," then I think
it would be useful, so you've met your criterion for doing the project.

Good luck! Keep us posted.

--Tim May

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