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Re: Searchable Crypto Paper Archive?

On Sep 6, 12:32, Adam Shostack sent the following to the NSA's mail
> Subject: Re: Searchable Crypto Paper Archive?
|| | Anyway, this is what I'd like to see.  I'm willing to work on such a
|| | system if there's enough positive feedback.  Does anyone else think
|| | they'd like to use or contribute to such a system?
|| |
|| I think this would be a fabulously useful service, one which I'd be
|| glad to subscribe to as an amateur.  (I could see forking over $20-50
|| for search priority, possibly more if it was really well done).

Ack!  Money involved? "Just say no!" 8-)  When I said "contribute" I meant
placing papers in it, or if you've got a lot already, adding your own
database to the list of possible search sites.

I wanna do this as a free service.  There are several reasons (like I can't
see charging people for information that I didn't even produce), but the
real reason for doing it is simple: I wanna use it.

I made a mock up of CTRS, which is available at:

	https://www.itribe.net/CTRS/	 (of course we have to offer SSL

There aren't any crypto papers in it yet, though.  The iTRiBE database (the
only one available for searching right now) is filled with some NASA test
data.  Try doing searches on things like "ratio" or "nasa" for an example
of the output you'd get.

||	Don't forget the value of sci.crypt[.research] and cypherpunks
|| postings, nor of crypto 'rump session' papers.

I admit I hadn't thought of these.  I'm not sure I could sign up for the
task of archiving the newsgroups (disk space) but if the authors/copyright
holders of rump papers want to submit them, I'd be happy to index them.  I
don't think the database necessarily has to be composed only of referreed
papers or anything.  I'd be happy to index rump papers, technical reports
or maybe even presentation materials like postscript copies of overhead

Anyway, thanks for the reply!

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