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"Living in real time, side A" (article ref)

"Living in real time, side A" by Ted Lewis, Naval Postgraduate School,
is an extremely concise (<3 pages) and insightful look into the future
of information technology and society.  Subjects dear to many cypherpunks
are indirectly addressed throughout.

A detail of particular interest to the lawyers on the list described
"A vapor trail of litigation".  The author notes that, "Plea bargaining,
out-of-court settlements, and appeals are the norm in Post-industrial
legal circles.  These are all legal devices for delaying the opposition
rather than deciding on a proactive course of action.  In the Info Age,
legal procedures will be too cumbersome and too expensive to accommodate
the rate of change."
"The mechanisms for protecting Info Age property (information) are
trade secrets and obsolescence."

other key terms:
Moore's Law, civilization on speed, inverse economics, rate of change,
Direct democracy tending toward anarchy...

The article can be found on page 8 of the September issue of IEEE Computer.

(Mistakes in quotes are mine.)