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Re: Are booby-trapped computers legal?

> > As far as I know the owner of property has no legal right to kill a person
> > either traspassing or stealing it in any of the 50 states. There was a
>  [...]
> In Maryland you have the responsibility to retreat if possible when 
> You certainly do not have the right to use deadly force against someone 
> for any other reason than immediate threat of life or limb to you or 
> someone else.

Being a freedom loving, gun owner, with an interest in maintaining both 
my rights to guns, and my right to cryto, I am saddened to see that you 
have to retreat at all.

As far as I am concerned, if I am in my house, and someone uninvited is 
in there also (burglar/thief/psycho/whatever) then I have already 
sufficiently retreated.. and they will likely be shot. Anyone invading my 
home is considered a threat to my wife, children and myself.

I had heard that in the state of Texas, intruders/trespassers are at 
their own risk after sundown, as it is legal to fire upon them at that 
point, regardless of thier intent.. I have not been able to confirm this, 
as of yet.. but am looking for the answer in my meager spare time.