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Re: Are booby-trapped computers legal?

On Tue, 5 Sep 1995, Jim Choate wrote:

> As far as I know the owner of property has no legal right to kill a person
> either traspassing or stealing it in any of the 50 states. There was a
> recent federal ruling that basicly says that if you meet a burglar in your
> home at nite you can not kill or otherwise harm them unless you're life is
> directly threatened. In short, you MUST give up the ground if at all
> possible.

In Maryland you have the responsibility to retreat if possible when 
confronted by someone threatening your life or limb.  If you are unable 
to retreat or are in your domicile (or motel room, etc.) you have the 
right to use deadly force to stop an attack.

You certainly do not have the right to use deadly force against someone 
for any other reason than immediate threat of life or limb to you or 
someone else.