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Re: Police and scientology visit XS4ALL Amsterdam

>         -------------
>     Police and members of Scientology church enter offices of XS4ALL
>     ================================================================
They really are not getting it - are they stupid or what?
Scientology people are not behaving so I take a standing
that I don't have to behave when I treat them as well.
Good, remember they started it ...

> Today at about 14:00, XS4ALL was visited by Mr. S. Braan,
> bailiff. 
Sorry to hear that Mr. Braan

>Religious Technology Centre
O camoon - that name sounds great what's
inside it? Research department of Brainwashing?
Wast that the technology you tried to sell
to CIA? And luckily CIA told you to piss off.

>, better known as the Scientology Church, or
> Scientology for short. He was assisted by a local police officer and Mr.
> Hermans from the 'Nauta-Dutilh' legal firm that represents Scientology
> in The Netherlands. 

We would need a list of all legal offices representing scienos 
in all countries. Also does anyone has a list of top scienos
and some kind of organization flow chart of this evil 

>Also present were two computer experts (Mr. Ootjes
> and Mr. Van Suchtelen) a locksmith (to enter had we not been present) and
> two American employees of Scientology, Mr. Weightman and Ms. Jenssen.
Does anyone has tel number to these Co$s?

> Scientology is filing for seizure of XS4ALL's computer equipment. Under
> dutch law, this means that a bailiff comes in to record your assets. In
> real-life, the computer-experts that were present have recorded the
> types and serial numbers of all the computers in our offices. They did
> not take any equipment, the continuity of XS4ALL's services is not in
> jeopardy.
Good - you have civilised police there.

> XS4ALL is not alone in receiving this kind of attention from
> Scientology. Scientology, a semi-religious multinational, is at war with
> a number of people on the Internet. 
They wan't a war - well let's give them one! I don't mean this
bashing in the net - I mean a REAL WAR! Co$ has been on
offensive for some time now and they must be got to the defence mode.

> Until recently, the church has always managed to supress critical voices
> by means of sheer intimidation and by engaging in endless legal battle.
I think it would be a jolly good day if they would try that against 
me. I would make best of it...

> One of these documents is a piece to which Scientology supposedly holds
> the copyright and which has been added to the kit without the church's
> permission.
Screw with their permission.

Sorry for the raw language but I get so damn angry when I even see
these scienos mentioned. 

To fight them we need an organization to fight them. Todays
situation is like uncontrolled and thefore unoptimised guerrilla
operations. Results will be weak.

Best Regards
Kari Laine
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