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Re: Collection of personal info

> Well, I did say all typos were _mine_ -- That's 1995 folks, just for the
> record and thanks to Tom Swiss for being the first in a long line
> of people who will point this out. :-)

-would you expect anything less from us? <g>
> But back to the topic; am I the only one who gets the willies just
> reading this?  

Beyond having the willies.. This is more than just scary, it feels like
rape when you think about it for awhile. Everything you buy, on credit, is
recorded and sold to someone who wants to know your secrets. Everytime 
you make a banking transaction, someone is watching and compiling the 

Is there any legal recourse to get your name removed from the sellable list?
Or is it too late and we can not save even the vestiges of our privacy?

Oh, but if only I had the 'hacker' skill to break into such a database..
I have always been against the destruction of data.. but there are 

RobL <another newbie to the list.. >