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Re: Collection of personal info

| But back to the topic; am I the only one who gets the willies just
| reading this?  

	No.  But the interesting question is, what to do about it?
The answer in part, is personal anonymity through cash and avoiding US
IDs.  But in the long run, thats broken.  You can't have privacy for
1000 people; they'll just toss us all in jail.

	In the long run, we need to convince most Americans that their
freedom is worth more than the Drug War.  The only way to do that is
to look and sound reasonable, and convince people a few at a time.  Do
it with letters to the editor, editorials, articles for your local
newspaper, discussions on the street.

	Try not to rant; if you sound like a nut, people dismiss your
ideas along with you.  Be reasonable and measured.  Use a spell
checker.  Stick to one idea, and give a few backing points.  Don't
insult your opponent.  Don't try for a convoluted closing or slogan.

	(This isn't to disparage the creation of new facts, like an
international remailer network.  I am saying that the problems are as
much political as technological.)


"It is seldom that liberty of any kind is lost all at once."