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booby-traps, crypto, guns, and tea

On Wed, 6 Sep 1995 [email protected] wrote:

> Under UK law it is certainly illegal to create any device with the
> intention of causing greivous bodily harm to anyone. The right to self
> defense is very precisely that, the right to take reasonable steps to 
> defend yourself with commensurate force if attacked.

> People who go round drawing parallels to gun ownership and cryptography 
> ownership are simply playing into the governments hands. Cryptography has net 
> benefits to society. Most advocates of gun ownership tend to convince me of 
> little more than they are a danger to society. Regardless of their case they are 
> the biggest argument for gun control, and therfore poor advocates of their 
> cause. I see their attempts to draw parallels with cryptography to be little 
> more than trying to shore up their sinking ship with one thats afloat.
> 		Phill

King George didn't like us owning guns either.  I'm pleased my ancestors 
had a difference of opinion with him concerning this and a few other things.