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Collection of personal info

I sent this to the risks moderator some time back, but I guess
he didn't like it.  For those of you who think that perhaps
people advocating cybercash are just a bunch of paranoid lunatics.

As advertised in the trade magazine "DM News" (Direct Marketing News),
Apr. 24, 1997, V. 17 N. 16.  I've typed the entire text of the advertisement,
any typos are mine.

From the huge number of people in the database, it would seem that TRW
is now marketing a subset of their credit records they keep on everyone.
Does anyone else remember the flap over Lotus' product (Magellan) that
was going to allow something similar?  

The risks? This is the perfect database if you want to red-line your offerings.
I'm sure others will have more creative answers. 


Some very smart people are uncovering exciting ways to increase response rates,
find profitable customers, and develop new market niches.  It's been a well
kept secret.  Now it's out.

It's TRW.

It all started with the search for more creative information solutions.
Solutions that help you discover hidden markets and unique ways of using
ordinary data to target qualified prospects.

The result: a proven and massive database in the hands of people with
real data management know-how.

So far the findings have revealed:
 o A database of 170+ million consumers
 o 100+ demographic, psychographic and geographic selects
 o A full range of computer services.
 o Comprehensive motor vehicle data

From this comes an array of products and services to intrigue even the most
seasoned direct marketer.  One of these is called the TRW Smart Targeting Tools (SM).
It links 98 million households with the goods and services they are most likely
to buy.  Choose consumer names by 50 neighborhood or 3600 household level clusters,
by 56 broad product categories or by 516 specific product or brand preferences.

Looking at all the advantages, TRW may be the direct marketer's find of this
century.  And the next.

Energize your marketing.  Contact your TRW representative or call 800.527.3933
Ext 640.  You have a great find ahead of you.

TRW Target Marketing Services
Your one source for reaching all the right people.

701 TRW Parkway
Allen, TX 75002-3717

David Neal <[email protected]> - GNU Planet Aerospace 1-800-PLN-8-GNU
Unix, Sybase and Networking consultant. "...you have a personal responsibility 
to be pro-active in the defense of your own civil liberties." - S. McCandlish