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Re: Scientology and police visit XS4ALL Amsterdam

>      This is the second or third time I've seen descriptions of such
>      raids where cult (no, I'm not trying to be diplomatic)
>      representatives were present and participating.  Is this legal in
>      Amsterdam?  How about in the U.S.?  Britain?
Probably. Amsterdam isn't exactly the wild west, and they didn't take the
computer equipment with them, they just inventoried everything so to have
something to sell when their claims prove valid. Which I doubt (shit, I
will be moving to this country in a couple of weeks...)

>      If a police officer has a warrant then I really don't have much
>      choice about letting him in.  Am I also under an obligation to
>      allow the people who filed for the warrant into my home or
>      business?
I don't know whether this is valid. I assume so. I also think it is about
time we develop some ideas about anonymous web publishing. Probably some
chained cgi scripts could do, but how to get around traffic analysis?

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