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Re: Scientology and police visit XS4ALL Amsterdam

Anyone ready to risk running a "Scientology .sig virus server"?

Here's the idea. The CoS apparently freaks out and sues anyone who
distributes CoS material, even those who quote small portions of it.
In the same spirit of the "export-a-sig-PGP" system, why not break
the CoS materials up into n pieces (each piece being 5-10 lines long)
and let people request chunks from a server to put in this .sig?
The assumption is, the Church can't sue everyone (legal funds
being limited). I think I'd do it just to piss them off.

To spread the risk around even more, I'd place the "piece server"
on k different HTTP sites just so they can't raid them all. Even
better would be to use a script on one master server to
dynamically return HTTP redirects to k different URLs to the real
servers. Another option is dynamic DNS.

Finally, you could have the server run thru email via a chained
anonymous return block. The result would be sent back thru
a remailer chain.

The nastiest thing I can think of is to get the CancelBot people to
let a massive broadcast of CoS materials be sent to UseNet. Other
options include servers which detect known CoS source addresses
and provide "fake fronts" to them. (easily doable with CGI/CERN server
and IDENT).

Cypherpunks oughta be able to figure out something to show those idiots
why their actions are ultimately futile.