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Re: Scientology and police visit XS4ALL Amsterdam


Hello Ray Cromwell and all other cypherpunks,

> Anyone ready to risk running a "Scientology .sig virus server"?
> In the same spirit of the "export-a-sig-PGP" system, why not break
> the CoS materials up into n pieces (each piece being 5-10 lines long)

I don't really follow the Co$ saga, but when I last looked it seemed
as though six lines (one of them the title) are sufficient for them
to be unhappy at you. If I remember correctly, those six lines said
to go to the zoo to practice telepathy with animals...

(No they didn't say *how*.)

So I don't know whether the "export-PGP-sig" system will be any use.

> To spread the risk around even more, I'd place the "piece server"
> on k different HTTP sites just so they can't raid them all. Even
> better would be to use a script on one master server to

master server = single point of pressure

> Cypherpunks oughta be able to figure out something to show those idiots
> why their actions are ultimately futile.

It always was, but do you have the money and the spirit to fight them?

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