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Re: Scientology and police visit XS4ALL Amsterdam

>>      This is the second or third time I've seen descriptions of such
>>      raids where cult (no, I'm not trying to be diplomatic)
>>      representatives were present and participating.  Is this legal in
>>      Amsterdam?  How about in the U.S.?  Britain?
>Probably. Amsterdam isn't exactly the wild west, and they didn't take the
>computer equipment with them, they just inventoried everything so to have
>something to sell when their claims prove valid. Which I doubt (shit, I
>will be moving to this country in a couple of weeks...)

The good news is xs4all were prepared for them and have mounted a publicity
campaign against co$. co$ has withdrawn their complaint (though xs4all have
not be _officially notified yet) in an attempt to patch up things but it's
too late for co$ to save them from the wrath.

xs4all has a lot of support in all facets of .nl life so co$ is going to have
a bad time screwing with them. From what I learnt there will be a lot of noise
RSN in the press.

My personal view is co$ deserves all the flak they get.

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The above opinions are rumoured to be mine.