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e$ sites of interest

Hi all,

Found these in PC Week and thought I would pass them along...

CARI - http://www. netresource.com/itp/cari.html

       Collect All Relevant Information, a transaction system that doesn't
       require live transmission of sensitive data.

Cybercash Inc. - http://www.cybercash.com/

       Secure transaction over the internet, using credit and cash payment

Digicash - http://www.digicash.com/

       Electronic transaction products include ecash; find the links to
       ecash-centric 'cybershops'.

First Virtual - http://www.fv.com/

       Secure internet-based system that uses the WWW and email for digital
       payment transactions.

Internet Banking - http://sfnb.com/wpaper.html

       White paper on electronic commerce

NetChex - http://www.netchex.com/index.html

       Secure transactions over the internet, using a bank account debit

Network Payment Mechanisms and Digital Cash - http://ganges.cs.tcd.ie/

       Overview of trands and techniques, with several useful links for
       additional information.