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Collection of persona

RL|Beyond having the willies.. This is more than just scary, it feels like
  |rape when you think about it for awhile. Everything you buy, on credit, is
  |recorded and sold to someone who wants to know your secrets. Everytime
  |you make a banking transaction, someone is watching and compiling the

        It's not just credit anymore.  If you buy something at Radio
        Shack, even with cash, they want you to give all your info
        voluntarily and they _will_ give you flack if you don't
        cooperate (which can be short-circuited by threatening to cause
        a scene or by suggesting loudly that <competitor> has lower

        Anyway, most of what you're wanting to protect aren't secrets,
        at least in the sense of being sensitive material.  It's our
        privacy, our solitude, and our peace of mind that's under

RL|Is there any legal recourse to get your name removed from the sellable list?
  |Or is it too late and we can not save even the vestiges of our privacy?

        There's a place in D.C. you can write to that will put a block
        on some lists, but not all (I don't have the address anymore).
        We're screwed.

RL|Oh, but if only I had the 'hacker' skill to break into such a database..
  |I have always been against the destruction of data.. but there are

        It wouldn't help and you would be jailed for nothing.

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