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Re: Collection of personal information etc. etc. etc.

>         It's not just credit anymore.  If you buy something at Radio
>         Shack, even with cash, they want you to give all your info
>         voluntarily and they _will_ give you flack if you don't
>         cooperate (which can be short-circuited by threatening to cause
>         a scene or by suggesting loudly that <competitor> has lower
>         prices).

Depends on the counter people. The local RS here the clerks don't care
much about it and will enter a random number. A local Service Merchandise
does the same thing, but they're pesky, so I make up silly names to test
the wits of impatient teenage mutant cashiers.  (They also used to have
a computer where you enter your telno. and place orders to pick up at
the desk... I don't think the system bills you automatically but the
employees probably won't like it when you have them get 10 wieght sets