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Collection of persona

BU|In fact it's not difficult.  It's quite simple to estlablish new identity
  |for the individual willing to risk the charges and consequences of
  |exposure.  The basic impediment is time.  Good credit doesn't come
  |overnight.  The second impediment is tax evasion- which is less than
  |justifiable in the United States on the grounds of privacy.  If you're
  |willing to be patient, and pay taxes on more than one name, its easy to
  |maintain several identities.

        A lot of "ifs" there.  Not to mention the expense.

BU|> If it were possible to have an alias in real
  |> life, as easy as it is to get one on the 'net that is, then I would most
  |> certainly do so..
BU|Which tells me how serious you really are about your privacy.  You have
  |made a decision here about how much trouble privacy is worth to you,
  |which is "not much."

        And how many "real names" do you have off the net?

BU|I hear people bitch about privacy endlessly.  Privacy helps those who
  |help themselves to privacy.  I think Mr. May was precisely correct in saying
  |that it is so much easier and simpler for one to rely on self privacy
  |insurance rather than government privacy insurance.

        Certainly.  That doesn't mean that we're all going to jump
        up and maintain several aliases.  Particularly when our
        beloved Uncle Sam is quite capable of deciding that it's
        for fraudulent purposes -- which makes it a felony.

        It would be simpler and easier to start another revolutionary
        war than follow your logic.

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