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Re: Are booby-trapped computers legal?

In message <[email protected]>, [email protected] writes:
>People who go round drawing parallels to gun ownership and cryptography 
>ownership are simply playing into the governments hands.

That could well be.  (that's a crypto relivant as this message
gets - sorry)

>                                                        Cryptography has net 
>benefits to society. Most advocates of gun ownership tend to convince me of 
>little more than they are a danger to society. Regardless of their case they a
>the biggest argument for gun control, and therfore poor advocates of their 
>cause.    [...]

I'm sorry to see you say that, but rather then argue here I'll provide
a pointer to a fine set of arguments "A Nation of Cowards" by Jeffrey R. 
Snyder (the "nation" it refers to is the USA, not the UK).  Available
via the web <http://www.cs.cmu.edu/~karl/firearms/cowards.html>, enjoy
or not.