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> >>	"Cybersecurity" - an investigation into cryptography, the
> >>	Internet, civil rights, Phil Zimmermann, PGP (and should we be
> >>	permitted to use it?) and so forth.
> >>

[My wife] and I watched this program - she found it very informative -
otherwise for
me it wasn't anything new, other than to see Whitfield Diffie, Phil Zimmermann
and some porn star Cyberella being interviewed about public/private key 
encryption.  It was very much on the side of those seeking privacy, presenting
the government (even in the UK they are looking at mandatory key escrow, but
they haven't exactly told British subjects about it) as being underhand,
sneaking around to find ways of removing the privacy of the individual.  What 
they didn't say is that the debate is a moot point.  The technology is out there
and there ain't nothin' the guvmint can do about it.