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Re: ECPA (Was: University logging mail to anon.penet.fi)


"Josh M. Osborne" <[email protected]> writes:


>Even if we were in a more libertarian society you run the risk of
>being boycotted by potential customers (of corse the analagy breaks
>down somewhat, in a very libertarian society oyu might be able to
>run a profatable ISP selling to the very nich market of people who
>want to threten, harass, or generally make a nuicence of themselves).

As the list's designated "very libertarian" advocate, I must object.
Here is what you must sign to become a member of the Libertarian Party:

"I hereby certify that I do not believe in or advocate the initiation of
force as a means of achieving political or social goals." Libertarian
Pledge required for membership.

To "to threten, harass, or generally make a nuicence"[SIC] of himself,
one must violate this pledge, and there would no-doubt still be legal
results. This points up the difference between libertaria (not utopia)
and anarchy. Anything _DOESN'T_ go in libertaria. If you see a victim,
there's almost certainly a crime, and if someone chose to threaten,
harass, etc. me, I would want it so. Of course, there are exceptions.

For example: If I join a mailing list which sometimes "harasses" me
due to insufficient spell-checking/proof-reading of certain posts,
there might still be the common-law defense that Jim Ray "came to the
nuisance," and therefore I am still not due any compensation.<g>
I can always unsubscribe, and some people probably wish I would. ;)

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Regards, Jim Ray

"As sensitive and broad-minded humans, we must never allow ourselves to
be in any way judgmental of the religious practices of other people,
even when these people clearly are raving space loons." -- Dave Barry
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